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.:Village Port:.

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.:Village Port:.

Post by ΩRazor on Fri Jan 15, 2010 10:09 pm

VillagePort/Snowy Gate

As as tortuous sea voyage comes to an end, you can step off the small boat onto a shabby little dock. The small island is very quiet and you only see a few people moving around in the icy, cold snow. As you go further down a small road you see a little village that has a few little cottages set up scarcely around the area. The quiet village is undisturbed and resting. Maybe it's time you got some rest.

From the Mainland of Kirigakure one can enter the village from the back side. A large snowy gate stands in front of a field of snow and enters into the small village. From the gate leads to icy dirt roads that are clear often. A fresh batch of newly fallen snow lays on every surface like a blanket on a resting figure.
Enter or Exit this sleeping village...

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Re: .:Village Port:.

Post by ΩRazor on Fri May 04, 2012 1:53 pm

Kamisori walked up to the large gate and was greeted by the faces of some of the small villages inhabitants. There were 2 men, simple villagers that stood and served as guards for the gate. Kamisori quickly recognized one of the men, but he hadn’t seen the man in a couple of years. Quietly the young shinobi went to the gate and answered the questions of the guards: where he was from, why he was here, how long. After all the logistics were out of the way, the guard () he recognized then spoke
“So kiddo how’re your parents doing. I haven’t seen them around here much.”
“They are fine, my mom’s been taking up some odd missions and other tasks. Dad is working as usual but lately he’s been home spending time with ma. What about your folks?”
“HAHAHA! My parents are fine. Their older now so they aren’t as active, but they watch my son often. He’s 5 now. Time seems to fly by around here where the world is so still.”
“Yeah. It’s nice to live in a quiet village that’s not so concerened with fighting and other crazy political matters.”
“HAHA yep, I guess I will being seeing you later, I don’t wanna keep you from what ever you’re doin.”
“Okay! Nice catching up. We should have lunch or something while I’m in the village maybe I can come over and see your wife and kid. Last time I saw him, he wasn’t even walking.”
“We’ll see! We’ll see…” he ended with a smile. Soon the young shinobi was on his way into the main part of the village, but that wasn’t his final goal.


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Posts : 282
Join date : 2009-12-12
Age : 25

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