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.:Suna Pass:.

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.:Suna Pass:.

Post by ΩRazor on Fri Jan 15, 2010 9:52 pm


Suna Pass

As you walk the vast desert you see a sheer cliff with a thin space in the middle. The rigid cliff is cut like very steep steps with a few Anbu posted every few yards to watch the perimeter of the village. Once across the cliff and inside of the village you realize the whole village is set into a gorge, with the farthest side facing huge cliffs. The village buildings are primarily made out rock and stone and are on average 5 stories in height. On the farthest side you are able to see a huge dome building with character 'Kaze' on it. The streets filled with many people walking around doing daily business, shopping, and some playing. Maybe its time you got some play in.
Enter or Exit this peaceful village...
Places of Interest

  • Sunagakure Kazekage Hall
  • Food Vendors District
  • Training Fields
  • Suna Park
  • Suna Green House
  • Sunagakure Academy
  • Suna Underground Dessert Stadium

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Re: .:Suna Pass:.

Post by ΩRazor on Sun Mar 25, 2012 1:22 am

Out of The Snow And Into The Blizzard

As Kamisori walked away from his home he pulled his jacket tighter as the Suna night air seemed to chill the whole village to a much colder degree. Small wisps of sand whipped up around him and made the short journey to the village gates seem much worse than it needed to be. With the wind chilling his bones, Kamisori had his first thoughts of doubt, maybe he should go back home, crumble up his note, and climb back into bed. But as Kamisori stopped in his tracks and felt the chill of the wind against his back, he looked back towards the village gates and decided he must do this. He must go on this journey of discovery and knowledge to help himself grow. The walk to the gate seemed to be the longest one of his life but it was necessary. As he walked up to the gate the large surrounding seemed to dominate his view. The village great walls of stone and sand seemed to tower many stories above him, seeming to hold him in a bowl. The large wall that held the village was so high that Kamisori could not see some of the clouds off to horizon. Cut into the large stone barrier seemed to be one horizontal line of nothingness. A large cut out that lead out of the village. This cutout was the only public way in and out of the village and therefore it was heavily guarded and also on constant look out. As Kamisori neared the large gates he was able to the shinobi that were on active lookout. Kamisori went up to the one at the stand and began conversation with him.
“Good Evening. I’m Nakamura Kamisori.”
The shinobi on active duty () said “Good evening. And where will you be headed?”
“I’m going to the land of Water. To train and maybe learn some new jutsu.”
“Okay”, he said as he wrote something down on a piece of paper.
“Will that be all?”
“Almost, all you have to do is sign here.”
Kamisori looked at the little piece of paper and then after quickly scanning it he picked up the pen and signed the little paper. After the shinobi looked it over, he gave it a quick little stamp and then said, “Thank you, you may go now.”
With a quick smile and a slight nod of his head Kamisori thanked the shinobi and began walking forward towards the edge of the village. As he reached the barrier and walked through the stone hallway that lead to the outside desert.


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Posts : 282
Join date : 2009-12-12
Age : 25

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