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Curse Marks

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Curse Marks Empty Curse Marks

Post by ΩRazor on Mon Feb 15, 2010 5:15 pm

Name: Curse Mark
Rank: A-Rank
Cost: N/A - Must Be Won/Gained in Events
Description: This technique puts a mark on the user's body and causes physical changes.
Level One (Lv.I) - the marks wrap around the user's body and all their stats (strength, speed, chakra, etc) double from their normal amount.
Level Two (Lv.II) - the user's physical appearance changes greatly, making them look more demonic. In level 2 the users stats (strength, speed, chakra, etc) triple from their normal amount
Requirements: (None)
TP: Lv.I - 500
Lv.II - 500
  • Heaven
  • Earth
  • Hell

Curse Marks cannot be bought they must be gained through special events or story actions which may occur randomly. Each curse mark allows the user special traits which can assist them in battle. In addition to altering the user's appearance the curse mark, when in the second state, will make a new limb or modify a limb.

Curse Mark of Heaven:

Curse Marks W8521k
Level II:
  • Wings
    • Flight

Curse Mark of Earth:

Curse Marks Igyzjr
Level II:
  • Tail
    • Increased Momentum While on Earth

Curse Mark of Hell:

Curse Marks Es7z2g
Level II:
  • Pipe-like Hands
    • Spouts Fire/Magma


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