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.:Item/Weapon Creation Template:.

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.:Item/Weapon Creation Template:.

Post by ΩRazor on Sun Feb 14, 2010 7:02 pm


Item Creation is the process of creating new items. These items can then be used by your character and/or other people on the site depending on what you specify.

WARNING: Just because you created the Item does not mean you instantly have it. If you created an item unique to your character you may, at the end of the post put you would like to purchase it. If you do not have enough money it will be held until you do. If you put the item as open then you may purchase it from a shopping topic later on.


    This is the name of your item. It can be japanese or english.


    The availbility of the item specifies who can use the item. There are two types of availability: Open and Single.
    • Open - specifies that anyone on the site meeting the criteria for the item can use/learn to use it amd it will be available in shops.
    • Single - specifies that only your character may use the item. The only other way for others to use/learn to use it would be from your character giving it to them and teaching them.


    This is the rank of the item. This determines what Rank's of ninja can hold the weapon.
    • E-Rank - E-Ranked ninja and above may use this weapon
    • D-Rank - D-Ranked ninja and above may use this weapon
    • C-Rank - C-Ranked ninja and above may use this weapon
    • B-Rank - B-Ranked ninja and above may use this weapon
    • A-Rank - A-Ranked ninja and above may use this weapon
    • S-Rank - S-Ranked ninja and above may use this weapon


    This is the level of your item. Item ranks go basic, intermediate, advanced, and master. Level determines how strong the weapon is. Normally basic is held by academy student genin, intermediate includes chunin and jonin, advanced includes higher up ranks and missing ninja, the master level includes kage, higher up rank, and akatsuki. These are not definite. They just are a basic level of weapon placement.


    This tells us what type of item it is for the site. There are only two types: Open and Single.
    • Open - this means that the item can be used by anyone in the rpg at anytime. If this option is selected the item will go in the item/weapon archives with "[•]" by its name. This also means this item may also be purchased by others at anytime.
    • Single - this means that only your character can use the item. If only your character uses the item it will still be stored in the item/weapon archives. Other people can obtain an item labeled single if the user gives it to another person, the user is killed and its stolen, or the user tells them how to make/gives permission to get one of these items.


    This the amount of ryo that the item costs to buy. This should be higher depending on level of the item.
    • Basic - 100-500
    • Intermediate - 500-3000
    • Advanced - 2500-6000
    • Master - 5000-100,000
    *If an admin/mod thinks the cost is too low they can suggest a higher price.


    This is the basic description of the item and what it is used for. This should be at least 2 sentences long.


    This is the amount of slots the item takes up and a list of other techniques/items/weapons/abilities one must have before using the item (ie: Crow type puppet requires puppet technique)


Your Item creation topic should include this template filled out with the specifications above. Copy the information from the code and post it into a topic. Then fill out the required information. Leave the [ b] and [ /b]'s alone, just write the required info after them.


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