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.:Jutsu Creation Template:.

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.:Jutsu Creation Template:.

Post by ΩRazor on Sun Feb 14, 2010 6:43 pm


Jutsu Creation is the process of creating new jutsu. These jutsu can then be learned by your character and/or other people on the site depending on what you specify.

WARNING: Just because you created the jutsu does not mean you instantly have it.
  1. If you created a jutsu unique to your character, after it is approved, you must make a training post about your character training and DEVELOPING the jutsu; earning the required T.P.
  2. If you created a jutsu that is open for anyone to learn, after it is approved, you may train to learn it in a training topic later on. Also you must remember which ninja can learn which ranks of jutsu, so keep that in mind when creating jutsu.


    This is the name of your technique. It can be japanese or english. If the technique is a elemental type it can be called "____ Release:".


    This is the category of jutsu your technique falls under. Some techniques may have two or three depending on what they are. The categories include: Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, Taijutsu, Doujutsu, and Fuinjutsu.
    • Ninjutsu - These are jutsu that can attack and cause real damage, they seem to have the most variety in them
    • Genjutsu - These are jutsu that make illusions and confuse the senses
    • Taijutsu - These are jutsu that involve the body and physical movements
    • Fuinjutsu - These are jutsu that are seal something using symbols
    • Kinjutsu - These are forbidden jutsu that either put the user at risk oe violate the laws of nature


    The availbility of the jutsu specifies who can learn the jutsu. There are two types of availability: Open and Single.
    • Open - specifies that anyone on the site meeting the criteria for the jutsu can learn it.
    • Single - specifies that only your character may learn the jutsu. The only other way for others to learn it would be from your character.


    This is the rank of your jutsu. Jutsu rank determines who can learn what techniques so keep that in mind when deciding the rank. You can create forbidden jutsu but it is suggested that you take a lot of time and thought into making those. Ranks include:
    • E-Rank
    • D-Rank
    • C-Rank
    • B-Rank
    • A-Rank
    • S-Rnk
    • SS-Rank
    . To see which types of ninja can use each rank look at the rules.


    This tells us what type of jutsu it is. There are five types: Offensive, Defensive, Regenerative, Supplementary, and Sensory. Some jutsu may have two or three types.
    • Offensive - the jutsu is used as an attacking skill.
    • Defensive - the jutsu is used to defend.
    • Regenerative - the justu can heal or restore.
    • Supplementary - the jutsu can be used to enhance or bolster an attack, ability, or move.
    • Sensory - the jutsu can be used to extend the users senses and tracking ability.

    This tells us what the range of the jutsu is. This is not where it always hits but how far it can go before losing accuracy and precision or before just falling apart. This is not an exact but an estimate. The range should be a numeric value. Here is a list of approximate value depending on what range you want:
    • (Touch) - These jutsu are only able to travel as far as the user's hand travels and only work if the user is making physical contact.
    • 0m-2m - Close Range. These jutsu are considered close range and are able to work relatively close to the user.
    • 2m-10m - Short Range. These jutsu are considered short range and are able to work fairly close to the user.
    • 10m-20m - Mid Range. These jutsu are considered mid range and are able to work from a good distance from the user.
    • 20m-50m - Long Range. These jutsu are considered long range and are able to work from a considerable distance from the user.
    • >50 - Vast Range. These jutsu are considered to have a vast range and able to work from very far away.
    • All Ranges - These jutsu can be used from vast ranges even if the user doesn't have a direct line of fire to the target.
    • N/A - These jutsu do not have a range or range is not an accurate way to describe where the effect.


    This is the basic description of the jutsu goes. This should include how the user sets up the jutsu and what the jutsu does exactly. This should be at least 2 sentences long (there are some exceptions to length)


    This is a list of drawbacks to the jutsu. For most jutsu above B rank there should be at least one draw back. Jutsu lower than B may also have drawbacks. Admins may suggest drawbacks if none are made.


    This is a list of other techniques/items/weapons/abilities one must have before learning the jutsu (ie: Tsukuyomi requires mangekyo sharingan)


    AP stands for ability points. This is the amount of training points one must earn before they successfully learn and can use the jutsu.


Your justu creation topic should include this template filled out with the specifications above. Copy the information from the code and post it into a topic. Then fill out the required information. Leave the [ b] and [ /b]'s alone, just write the required info after them.


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