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Post by ΩRazor on Mon Dec 14, 2009 5:43 pm


Table Of Contents:

  • Character Creation (General Rules)
  • How To Create a Character in Naruto: Generation
  • Deaths

Character Creation(General Rules)

  • No Cannon or Re-done characters:
    You may not create characters from the anime/manga or try to act like your character is a direct decedent of any characters from the manga/anime, this means you cannot argue that your character has to have a certain jutsu because they BELONG to a certain person or clan. This is a naruto roleplaying game and i'm sure you all have such great imaginations so you should be able to come up with your own original character.
  • No Real Life Characters:
    Please do not make your character based on a real person like George bush, Hitler, Mother Theresa, or Jesus. Some people are sensitive about religion and/or history and we would like to respect all of them.
  • Getting Accepted
    Each of the profiles will be examined by our staff and will only be accepted if two staff members agree that it is valid or if I (the owner), decides that it is acceptable, however if an administrator looks over a profile and finds something wrong, then they have automatic veto power and it must be reviewed again.
  • Getting Kekkei Genkai/Doujutsu
    Most of the doujutsu in the game can be bought at the shops on rare occasions, however if you are one of the first six people to make normal profiles you may get any of these kekkei genkai/doujutsu:

1/1 - Sharingan (1tomoe) [LOCKED]
1/1 - Rinnegan [LOCKED]
2/2 - Byakugan Stage 1 [LOCKED]
2/2 - Ranmarugan [LOCKED]
2/2 - Shikotsumyaku
5/5 - Kikaichu Host Ability

To get one, in your first post, post saying you would like one (and which eye you would like it in for doujutsu). If it is availible a mod/admin will post after saying if you can. Once approved you can add it to your other abilities/kekkei genkai section.

How To Create a Character in Naruto: Generation X

Creating your character - There is a format used when creating a character. Do Not make a post with some crap job character in it. This is a serious rpg and I expect most to take their character seriously (i.e.: putting thought and time into making your character profile), so in creating your character there is a specific format which you must follow or else your profile may never be accepted. The template is at the bottom of this section. All you have to do is copy the whole code, paste it into your topic for creating your character, and then fill it out. You are however allowed to do something else like not post up the techniques in the first post.

Understanding The Character Template Specifications


    This is your characters name you may include a full name (preferably japanese) and you can include a nick name in brackets. [---]. Try to keep the names japanese or at least real names (ie: no names like sunflower peanut or evilman) Remember in this rpg the previous clans have been wiped and assimilated into society. This means no using last names of people from the series or claiming to be their descendants.


    This is how old your character is. You can have old people with the maximum age of 120 and a minimum age of 6. Keep in mind most students enter the academy at age 10 and graduate at age 12-14. Students taking the chunin exams are usually ages 13-16. Many become jonin at ages 20-25.


    This is where you may place your desired rank. It is recommended that you start as an academy student and work your way up. Though it's recommended you start as an academy student, you may start off as a genin, a chunin, or a jonin. If you are trying to start off as a genin, chunin, or jonin you will be required to have much more detailed personality and appearance sections.


    This which gender your character is. Male or female.


    This is how tall your character is. The Maximum height you can have your character at is 8 feet.


    This is how much your character weighs. The maximum weight you can have your character at is 500lbs.

Birth Country:


    This is where you tell us how your character acts and some of their other traits are. Please make sure you fill this out and give us a clear understanding of what your character is like. (Must be at least one paragraph, ie: at least five sentences)


    This is where you describe what your person wears, what they look like. body build, skin color, eye color, and any other things that your character might like to wear. Please do not just sumbit a picture. If you do we will ask you to write out what your character does look like. (Must be at least one paragraph, ie: at least five sentences). If you do not have a way to create a picture for your character please feel free to use Gaia Dream Creator. (YOUR Created Tektek MAY NOT have ANY weapons for THIS picture.)


    This is where you tell us about your character's life and what they have been through. Tell us all the background info we need to know your character to understand who they are and why they act the way they do now. This should have lots of thought put into it because if it does not fit with your character you will be asked to fix it. None of the events in your history should be related to the show considering this rpg takes place 100 years afterwards, nor should any relations be a character or a character's descendent from the anime/manga.

    NOTE: History is the most important section in this RPG. Why? Because, depending on who well you write your history, you can start off at different ranks. The ranks you CAN start off as are academy student, genin, chunin, and jonin. If you are starting off at a rank higher than academy student you MUST include arcs, describing the different portions of your life. This means if your starting as jonin you must have at least 4 arcs: one explaining their background history, one explaining academy arc, one explaining genin arc, and one explaining chunin arc. You MUST have detailed paragraphs or else we will suggest you start off as an academy student rank.

    History Requirements:
    • Academy Student - At Least 1 paragraph (about 175 words)
    • Genin/D-Rank Criminal - Around 3-5 Paragraphs (about 525-875 words)
    • Chunin/C-Rank Criminal - Around 7-9 Paragraphs (about 1225-1575 words)
    • Jonin/B-Rank Criminal - Around 10-15 Paragraphs (1750-2625)
    Your History MAY NOT include anything about the tailed beasts or your parents/teacher being from the show or having a special ability which was passed on to your character
    NOTE: Though history requirements shows word amounts, if you do apply for a lower rank and have more words you are almost a shoe in one to get the position.


    You may choose from one of the basic main weapons. You will have infinite amount of these weapons and can never run out.

Secondary Weapons/Items Pouch:

    Your secondary weapons/item pouch allows you to hold more basic weapons/items. Different ranks start off with a different number of slots in which they can hold secondary weapons/items.
    • Academy Student - 10 slots
    • Genin/D-Rank Criminal - 12 slots
    • Chunin/C-Rank Criminal - 15 slots
    • Jonin/B-Rank Criminal - 20 slots
    Many secondary weapons take up more than one slot. All secondary weapons are retrievable except for explosives, projectiles (unless used with certain techniques), and pills. You will find some secondary weapons use all 10 slots. Later on when you make money you can obtain more slots by buying them which will allow you to buy and hold more advanced items and weapons. Starting off, you may not use the secondary slots.


    This will be empty when you first come to the site. This is a list of what your ninja has not on them but in storage. Since most likely eventually you will have more items than you can hold this will be where the ones that are not being used are stored.

Chakra Nature:


    This is where your ninja's stats will go. Depending on what rank your applying for, you are given a certain amount of stats points to allot to the categories. The categories are Strength(Tai), Stamina, Agility, Intelligence, Dexterity, Chakra, and Latent Power(Nin).
      Strength (Tai): This is how strong physically strong your ninja is. Every point counts for 10 pounds they can lift above their head. This also determines how strong and effective your taijutsu is.
    • Stamina: This is how much of a beating your ninja can take. Every points counts for 50 body punches they could take before falling down. This determines how long they could last in a battle before wearing out.
    • Agility: This is how quick on their feet your ninja is. The higher the points the faster, more acrobatic, and swift they are.
    • Intelligence (Gen): This is how good at reasoning and figuring things out your ninja is. This helps and goes toward how quickly they can also spot danger. This also counts towards genjutsu ability because the smartest ninja can use the best and highest genjutsu.
    • Dexterity: This is how well your ninja works with their hands. This means that this effects how well they can wield some weapons, what disciplines they can go into, and how their ability with tossing weapons and accuracy are (hand eye coordination).
    • Chakra: This is how much chakra your ninja has. This is one of the most basic and fundamental things a ninja needs. This means that if your ninja is lacking in this department they will not be able to pull of many jutsu before becoming fatigued.
    • Latent Power (Nin): This is how strong of chakra your ninja has. This also determines how much the ninjutsu does. Some ninjutsu may require a certain amount of latent power to use. This also determines who would comeout on top of a jutsu deadlock (ie: fireball vs fireball or chidori vs. rasengan)
    Now that you know what the stats are, here is a list of how many stats points each group gets when starting:
    35 = Academy student (Max per stat =7)
    50 = Genin/D-Rank Criminal (Max per stat =14)
    65 = Chunin/C-Rank Criminal (Max per stat =21)
    80 = Jonin/B-Rank Criminal (Max per stat =28)


    This is where you will list which techniques/Jutsu you have. When you start off you can choose jutsu depending on your rank:
    • Academy Student - 3 E-Rank jutsus (nin, gen, or tai jutsu), and 1 D-Rank jutsu (nin, gen, or tai jutsu) (this does not include dojutsu or forbidden jutsu).
    • Genin/D-Rank Criminal - 3 E-Rank jutsu (nin, gen, or tai jutsu), 3 D-Rank justu (nin, gen, or tai jutsu) (this does not include dojutsu or forbidden jutsu).
    • Chunin/C-Rank Criminal - 5 E-Rank jutsu (nin, gen, or tai jutsu), 3 D-Rank justu (nin, gen, or tai jutsu) (this does not include dojutsu or forbidden jutsu).
    • Jonin/B-Rank Criminal - 5 E-Rank jutsu (nin, gen, or tai jutsu), 3 D-Rank justu (nin, gen, or tai jutsu), 2 C-Rank jutsu (nin, gen, or tai jutsu) (this does not include dojutsu or forbidden jutsu). (IF you start as a jonin you automatically know your second element)(IF you start as a B-Rank Criminal you DO NOT start with your secondary element already learned)
    NOTE: It is suggested most start off at academy rank or genin rank

Your first post should include:
[B]Birth Country:[/B]
A second post should include:
[B]Basic Weapon:[/B]
[B]Secondary Weapons/Items Pouch:[/B]
total slots:
[B]Chakra Nature Dominate:[/B]
[B]Chakra Nature Secondary:[/B]
[*][u]Latent Power(Nin):[/u]
Lastly, a third post should include:
[b]Other Abilities/ Kekkei Genkai:[/b]


Once approved you should go to your village and check out the place. This will be your home and residence for a while until you reach the rank when you can freely travel around the ninja world for fun. It is suggested you make a post in the village maybe at your characters house, walking the streets of the village sightseeing, or just at a park working out and looking around.
Depending on what rank you start as, you start with different amounts of money
  • Academy - 500 ryo
  • Genin - 1000 ryo
  • Chunin - 2000 ryo
  • Jonin - 4000 ryo

In this rpg it is a very realn fact that your character may die. Deaths can happen in D.E. topics, or in certain missions where D.E. is active. Once your character is dead you are not just in the dark and out of options. If your character dies this means that you may no longer role play as that person. When your character dies you have one option, that is to create a new character. Now you may see this as unfair but after creating a new character you have a few options.

    • Start Anew
    • Skill Transfer
    • Item Transfer
    • Body Snatch

Each of these types of former hold allows the user some advantages and disadvantages. If your character dies, it is crucial that you pick the right one for your play style this means carefully considering which of the options is best for you and making sure your ready for the consequences.

Start Anew - This means you completely restart. When you choose this option your character must be completely restarted which means you can change everything and must create a whole new personality and a whole new history. This option means your previous profile will be turned into an npc. The previous character you created may show up or their body may be used by some one else later.

Skill Transfer - This option allows you to keep all C-Rank and below abilities that your character learned. You also keep any dojutsu and other special abilities your charcter has. This means though that you lose all items and the body/person you created before pretty much vanishes. By using this option it means you do not have to relearn all the things you took the time to learn.

Item Transfer - This option allows you to keep all items and key items that your previous character had. So this means if you had some major weapons or cool items you keep them. This also allows you to keep your rank so if you were an Akatsuki member, you can still be one. The only exception to this rule is if you are a higher up ninja. If you are a higher up ninja you must go back to jonin rank.

Body Snatch - This option means you completely restart but the body of your previous character is still in the rpg and that it comes into possession of your newly created character. The advantages to this are that if you know the human puppet jutsu or need to have a body to use the Six paths jutsu, you have one at your disposal. But by choosing this option your character looses all the weapons and the rank they had obtained. Though your new character may not directly access the jutsu of the dead character, through certain techniques (six paths and human puppet jutsu) you will be able to utilize the dead bodies techniques and jutsu.

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