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    .:Lottery:. Empty .:Lottery:.

    Post by ΩRazor on Fri Jan 22, 2010 2:02 am


    The lottery is held in a very particular way. Each lottery is held during a special event or held during a whole month. Both lotteries have their upsides and their downsides but you can enter both. What's the purpose of the lottery? The purpose is to promote fun and to give out prizes, some of which may include items/weapons, animal familiars, B.E. points, pre earned T.P.s, and on rare occasions Instant Jutsu Learning.

    • Monthly Lotteries:
      Monthly lotteries are held once a month. They start near the beginning and end at before the month ends. Monthly lotteries are open for all to join and have 1-5 prizes. Everyone can join in an enter the lottery. The people who enter receive the number of their entrance (so if you were the 5th person to say your joining, your number is then number 5)

    • Event Lotteries:
      Event lotteries are open for an allotted amount of time and can only have thirty people enter to win a prize. Event lotteries are open for all to join and have three prizes (each one is represented by a category). There will be three winners. Here's the catch. You can only enter for one category, and each category can only hold 10 candidates. This means in total thirty people can enter and one will be chosen from each to receive a prize. In this lottery you may choose a number from 1-10 to be your number and must also say which category your entering for.

    Prizes: This parts fun. After the lottery winners have been announced the prizes are given out to the winners... but the winners MUST POST in the lottery they won in to CLAIM their prize, OTHERWISE (there is a 10 day period before a redrawing is held and someone else earns the prize). Some may find this rule unfair but it is to help promote activeness on the site. If for some reason you know you cannot be on in the next ten days or so of the lottery drawing (ie: you know your internets gonna be down or computers gonna be in the shop) then contact the owner or another admin so you can still receive your prize

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