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Post by ΩRazor on Sat Jan 16, 2010 10:38 pm

Back Story/Events

~A World in Shambles~
The ninja world, 500 years after the current naruto series, faced many wars and uprisings in the shinobi world. The five great villages began feuds between themselves and the smaller countries. Kumogakure's kage had been in a recent dispute with Kirigakure's kage over trading policy, the two countries soon formed a schism that left the other villages to choose sides. Konohagakure and Iwagakure sided with Kiri while Sunagakure and the small village, Otogakure, sided with Kumo. The fissure between the great nations was set, but as the nations drew sides internal conflicts with supporters of the opposing sides grew to an uncontrollable amount. Soon full blown mutinies began in most well populated areas. While these fights between the great villages were of a significant impact, the actions of some smaller countries led to a real war. The smaller countries and their respective villages pushed all the great nations over the edge. They began blaming all their smallest problems (i.e.: political corruption, theft, murder) on the great villages, saying that the disputes led people in their villages to do evil. As a time came when all the countries began warring a shinboi council called it the 5th great shinobi war. The whole world was soon ravaged with war and much was lost. The shinobi world, while not destroyed, was in shambles. The great villages began experiencing economic, political, and social destruction. As things went downhill some of the people of the great villages lost hope and began migrating to smaller, less hostile areas. These people, some ancient clans, began to break down and separated, many of the clans like the hyuga clan, aburame clan, and uchiha clan seemed to disappear from existence. Many of the great villages became lowly shells of their former selves, streets full of trash, looting and battery going on all around. The people, now completely lost soon began fleeing to the villages once more, after the violence in the countries became to much to handle. The villages, though destroyed, were still well fortified areas in which many of these new refugees could take cover in.
Inside the villages a life of fear and dissatisfaction faced many people. But life outside the villages held a much worse life. Life outside the villages was one of complete and utter disgust. Rogue ninja in small battalions, still loyal to some members from villages, were constantly fighting. The once peaceful landscape in the countries was now a raging war zone filled with death. In the battles that ensued around the villages over 900,000 lost their lives, some fighting for their families, some fighting for money, some fighting for power, and some fighting for a new world with no rules. The wars left monumentous scars on the lands. Fights also caused numerous smaller nations to be absorbed into the larger ones with power. With the main source of authority down an evil group of people set out to do something massive. Free the bijuu from their confines. Within 2 years all the bijuu were released and free in the world. The bijuu all had terrible effects on the environment and caused at least 10,00 deaths. This period of undisturbed chaos lasted for roughly 100 years, whole generations of the world new nothing but violence and dangerous life.

~A Rising Hero~
With the decline of the great shinobi villages many people found themselves lost and formed small tribes and/or bands within the great shinobi villages. Within tribes people helped scavenge for useful materials, provide protection, and provide a family like support system. In one fairly large tribe in the great village, Kirigakure, a young man named Kurou Yuki, a former Anbu of the leaf village began facing the reality that the world, now full of violence and distrust. After observing many of the problems in this new pandemoniac world he surmised that the world could not survive with out the great shinobi villages back in a state of harmony. With that, Kurou Yuki, set out to end the 5th great shinobi war. Kurou went on a search around the shinobi world to gather and speak with those who would listen. Many people thought he would have problems traversing the war-zones, but as an accomplished Anbu ranked ninja Kurou was able to easily overcome some of the challenges he'd faced on his journey.
Starting from Kirigakure, Kurou, traveled west to the land where most of the great villages were. By traveling during the night Kurou gained advantages over foes, the darkness cloaked him, and the small smoke stacks coming from smoldering fires allowed him to avoid enemy positions. Kurou eventually traveled to all the great villages he focused on stopping at the smaller ones. During his long trip around the shinobi world Kurou developed many new jutsu which aided him on his travels. In his travels he had come face to face with a few of the bijuu and had even battled with them. During these battles he trained to develop a new jutsu to seal the bijuu. One of the days when he came across the five-tailed dolphin horse he finally perfected the jutsu and sealed the dolphin horse into a silvery pendant. With this new jutsu complete he continued on his journey to restore balance.
After roaming for a little more than 20 years, Kurou had gathered a sizable group of followers comprised of some of the best people from all the great villages and some from the minor villages. Kurou and his group set up a plan to revitalize the shinobi world and the ninja way. He and a select few whom were powerful enough began to face the bijuu. In these fights, Kurou and about 8 of his strongest followers would all attack the bijuu, luring it into an open area and tiring it out. When the time was right Kurou activated his jutsu, Bijuu Sealing Method: Worldly Pact, and sealed the bijuu. With the bijuu rounded up, much of the pressure on the world was lifted. With the bijuu gone they (Kurou and his 8 closest followers) also began roaming around stopping the violence and the chaos caused by rouge groups of bandits and thieves.
With the powers of the great beast sealed away and the chaos of the masses settled, Kurou and 8 other of his most loyal followers decided it was time to fulfill their mission. The 9 great shinobi met and decided on the small details, taking a year to plan and create everything they needed. At the end of the year, the 9 great shinobi split up and ruled the 9 main villages. With new resolve and a new sense of justice, the people of the world came together and joined in restoring the villages to their former power. Kurou, as the hokage, began implementing some of the old rules of the ninja world with modifications: ninja academies in all villages, Anbu in all villages, kages in 9 villages, and a new system for ninja ranks. The new Kages settled to never let the bijuu be used for evil and used the pendents that they were sealed in as vessels to hold their power. These seals could be used to grant shinobi the powers of a jinchuriki, but only if the kages decided to give someone the pendent.
10 years, after much of the reformation was completed, many people began to realize that in those times of chaos many of the clans of the villages were diminished, all being blended and mixed through out the world. Prestigious clans such as the Uchiha, Hyuga, and Aburame clans seemed to have vanished. This meant certain clan clan specific jutsu and kekkei genkai appeared to lost forever. After almost 150 years of conflict and trial the shinobi world was once again standing on its own.

~A Darkness Not Yet Dead~
Within the new peace of the reborn ninja world a darkness grew. A small group of rogue ninja, who's ancestors had been in league with the original Akatsuki, reformed the akatsuki group and began to implement the s-class criminals ways of the Akatsuki based on legends and teachings from their ancestors. The reformed akatsuki's new goal was to collect the bijuu pendents so that they could use the powers of jinchuriki and take over the ninja world. The Akatsuki began committing crimes and assisting in evil deeds in and around the ninja world. These crimes gave them an infamous reputation and many clients, though most of their activities and transactions were underground and secretive. Kurou Yuki knew eventually the darkness of the world would rise again and soon heard of the newly reformed akatsuki group. Knowing eventually he would face the inevitable fight that would decide the future of the ninja world, Kurou began preparing. Kurou and the kages of the Rain, Snow, Earth, Water, Lightning, and Wind villages came together, training each other to prepare for the fight. The kages training was done in the legendary grounds on the Eastern Land. The old friends united once more to save the ninja world again set out to stop the new akatsuki group who was gaining momentum and support.
Over the next 5 years the two groups (Akatsuki and Kage Alliance) struggled in many various battles causing heavy causalities on both sides. The battle on the Ame Highways was one that caused over 5,000 deaths and resulted in many of the old roads to be abandoned. Many of the conflicts resulted in villages being hurt or involved in black-market trade of illegal jutsu and other abilities. The two sides came to a a final confrontation on an island, The final plateau in the ocean between the land of Earth, the land of Lightning, and the Land of Snow. Over 300 Anbu and Jonin fought the battle against only 16 Akatsuki members. The Akatsuki were able to annihilate almost all of the ninja. When the Kage's arrived the battle turned a little, giving the villages a chance, but after only an hour or two of fighting the ninjas of the villages were once again backed into a corner. With the side of good failing, many ninja incapacitated, and many more dead, the Hokage, Kurou used a forbidden jutsu he'd created when he'd been fighting the bijuu. Terra-divide: Sea of Empty Emotions. The terra-divide was a devastating jutsu, once it had been activated a large semi sphere encompassed the area. Many of the akatsuki and some of their lackeys tried to escape but the semi sphere barrier prevented the escape. The Kages then all channeled chakra into Kurou and once complete the area within the semi sphere became pitch black. All of the combatants on both sides of the conflict were instantly vaporized inside the sphere causing a huge crater. The Akatsuki had lost many valuable members and lost much of their steam, once again becoming an under ground organization of criminals. The great villages lost their Kages and grieved for their loss. Only after about a year were the villages able to accept and completely appreciate the sacrifice that their great leaders had made for them. The 15 years following these great events allowed the villages to prosper greatly and allowed for great advances in technological innovation.

~DNA Transplant: New Era of Jutsu~
Over the years that the great fight between the akatsuki and the villages went on many scientist worked with doctors to try and create a new and better way to learn and use jutsu. Many failed and some had monstrous results on the subjects but there was one doctor that succeeded. The great doctor Nobu Ryoichi, from Iwagakure, found the way to revive the dead kekkei genkai of clans that had been split up long ago. This technique required making body parts and dna to merge the cells. Eventually through this study he was able to replicate eye balls and implant them with dna of old clans dna thus he was able to create eyes that held the doujutsu: sharingan, byakugan, rinnegan, and the ranmarugan. His other experiments involved implanting the doujutsu into small children then allowing the dna to accept the new doujutsu, this created a merged dna that allowed the children to carry the doujutsu's dna in their own. These experiments finally resulted in the duplication of kekkei genkai, using DNA he was able to make replicas which could be purchased and transplanted into subjects. This allowed the doctor to reproduce normal kekkei genkai and elemental releases and implant them into other users. Many of the doctors experiments were very early prototypes but he eventually was able to refine the technique. Now people can buy all sorts of doujutsu and other normally kekkei genkai abilities, but because of the rigorous process used in creating some of these, only a limited supply is available.

~The 9 Powers Still Live~
The Bijuu now at this point were all sealed away within the pendants that acted as a medium through which their power could be channeled. A few years after the villages great advances a 20 year old man, The Bijuu Shaman, who had been appointed by Kurou when he (the Shaman) was only five, handed each of the the 9 pendants to a village. The 9 great villages each now held one pendent in them and the pendant was given to a young shinobi which then became a Neo-Jinchuriki. Having the pendant a Neo-Jinchuriki would have to train to learn how to use their Bijuu's power. The training required would take a few years (usually between a few months and 3 years). After the Neo-Jinchuriki learned to use their powers they were held in the hieghest regards around their villages, they were the pride of the villages. On tough missions they could be used as a means of protection. In near war situations they could be used as threats and weapons. The Jinchuriki lead very wonderful lives, treated as heroes, and not feared because their powers could be taken away ... or so they thought. After almost 40 years the Jinchuriki had grown into great people but were reaching their older ages in which some shinobi became more or less useless. As a result the 9 pendants were taken from their respectful Jinchuriki's and put away in the village to be locked up and given out later. The 9 original Neo-Jinchuriki's lost most of their power and abilities to manipulate and use the Bijuu's powers but some still retained heightened stats and small abilities from their Bijuu's.
The great villages that held the Bijuu seals complained and remarked that eventually news would get that the villages did not have any active Jinchuriki. So in haste the to crown new Neo-Jinchuriki the villages quickly handed down the pendants in the hopes that the new ones would learn to use the pendants just as their successors had. The villages were on high alert between the time in which the Neo-Jinchuriki (Gen.II) learned to use the beasts powers. During this time the Bijuu Shaman, a person who was in tune with the tailed beasts because of long times spent meditating with the pendants before they were first given out, said he'd sensed something different about the beats inside the pendants and the original Neo-Jinchuriki. He, the Shaman, said that both the original users the pendants were resonating with each other and that somehow the pendants felt weaker. After the 2nd Neo-Jinchuriki had learned to control their beasts power the Bijuu Shamans warning was regarded as a lie. Many soon accused the Shaman of being crazy and trying to stir up old feelings of hate for Jinchuriki.
Soon the 2nd generation of Neo-Jinchuriki replaced the old ones in terms of regard and village attention, but the old ones were always considered royalty in the villages. After about 30 more years the 2nd generation had almost completley replaced the old Neo-Jinchuriki as they (the older ones) began to slowly die. The original Neo-Jinchuriki all died in sequential order going from tails 1st the shukaku and last the kyubi. In 9 days, the original Neo-Jinchuriki's had all died. The villages went on using the 2nd Neo-Jinchuriki to their advantage, but once again the Bijuu sage warned the villages that the original 9 Neo-Jinchuriki were still alive and that their beasts powers were still within their bodies. At now around 90 years old the Shamans words were just disregarded.
Bijuu Shaman
-"High in the sky, the icy meteor will fly. When the full moons light reflects through it and hits their final resting place at the same time. The 9 great beasts will rise and walk this earth and once again 45 tails will once more reek havoc upon the land."
The mans words were seen as an inaccurate fortune, after all the great beasts did not have a final resting place. Their powers and forms were locked inside the 9 pendants which the 2nd generation of Neo-Jinchuriki wore. The old Bijuu Shaman began to run around preaching his words over and over again the closer the full moon drew. At his home village, Sunagakure, they locked him in a room, where he was monitored by 10 Anbu everyday. The Shamans cryptic words soon reached all villages and was normally met with 2 views. The first, that the Shamans words were tru. These people began preparing for and inevitable return of the Bijuu by either leaving their villages or gathering food and supplies so they'd be prepared. The second types of people regarded the old Shaman's words as bold lie and cries for attention. These people would party harder every night following the full moon. All the villages soon had internal conflicts that seemed to divide the villages and prevent their leaders from supporting either side.
~The Full Moon: The Reflection~
The day of the full moon came. In all villages the day was met with large activity. Those who supported the Shamans words began their frantic search for any last minute preparations. Many families who supported the Shaman began moving supplies to underground stores, leaving their village, gathering weapons and preparing for the end. These people were viewing a situation and thinking the worse. Quite opposite, those who viewed the Shamans words as lies were elated. In many villages and adjoining towns parties were held. The villages were in a state of uproar. The people who believed the Shamans words as lies began celebrating the day, they were positive nothing was going to happen. People went out and got drunk, people went out and bought presents to remember the "Nothing Day", and others just skipped work or school all together to go out in the streets with many others and performing parades and going to food districts and eating their full.
At night the partying and worrying only got worse. Riots and demonstrations from those who supported the Shamans words were held to try and convince the party goers that they needed to prepare for the inevitable. Those who did not believe were out singing and dancing, partying and trying to rile up those who believed the Shamans words. The villages were in a state of pandemonium and the full moon was already high hung and bright. Amidst all the chaos in every village the icy meteor shot across the sky. All villages stopped in their chaos and watched as the icy rock seemed to make its way up from the earth towards the heavens. The meteor crawled up through the sky for what seemed to be an eternity and many of the believers wondered why nothing happened while the non-believers cheered and commenced partying. The night was almost over, and the illuminated ice seemed to lose its shine as it ascended.
It was over. No once could see the meteor. And some said they saw its fragments falling from the sky. The parties and festivities got more rambunctious as they realized nothing was to happen. And then, something did. In the sky the meteor seemed to shoot from behind the clouds and block the moon from view. The people perplexed by the phenomena watched from every village, town, and province as the icy rock, slowly moved its crystalline mass directly in-front of the moon. Suddenly when the angle was perfect thousands of beams of light seemed to shoot from the crystal and touch the land. The beams slowly moved as the crystal got into the perfect alignment and then it happened.
The beams of light were all around but soon 1000 became 9 beams that were massive. The 9 beams ran around the land and soon one beam stopped in each village and landed upon the graves of the 9 original Neo-Jinchuriki. The earth, stone, and metal tombs which held the Jinchuriki's began crumbling beneath the beams of light that seemed to melt away the casings and revealed perfectly healthy looking bodies. The 9 bodies began to rise up into the air in their villages and in order each once opened their eyes and mouth. One by one each Jinchuriki's corresponding Bijuu's chakra began to form a cloak around its body. Then all at once the tails sprouted and each Jinchuriki floated into the air. The Jinchuriki's skin and clothes immediately vaporized, revealing not muscle, but chakra that was now in its place, with black bones of pure chakra holding the body together. The muscle chakra and pure chakra bones soon began reforming and growing making life size anatomies of it's Bijuu. The structures were soon covered with skin that had materialized in the air and pealed onto the body.
A great ferocious roar soon resounded throughout the entire shinobi world as the Bijuu all
were formed. The simultaneous sound caused millions of birds to take flight in surrounding forests and many animals to run frightened. Each Bijuu now stood just outside a village ready to attack. These Bijuu were formed from the malicious chakra of the pendants now fused with the consciousness of it's corresponding original Neo-Jinchuriki. The villages were all in trouble. None were prepared enough to face a full on jinchuriki with almost no back up and few of its shinobi prepared. Each of the villages began to attack the Bijuu and each one was overwhelmed by each of the Bijuu's power. Now in a state of trouble and panic the villages began desperately trying to evacuate some of its people while trying to keep the Bijuu at bay.
In Sunagakure the tower that once held the Bijuu Shaman was now empty, with all 10 of the Anbu beat down and knocked unconscious. The Shaman was out.
The Shaman raced through Sunagakure going towards the top of the Kage palace to face the Bijuu. As he reached the top of the Kage's palace eh could see the nine tailed fox reeking havoc on the village near the front. With his hands over his mouth the Shaman used an un-named wind jutsu that struck the fox causing it to fall over. After recovering the fox quickly jumped into the air and covered the distance between it and the Shaman in no time. Now directly infront of the shaman the fox roared.
Un-phased by the roar the shaman strung together a string of hand-seals and soon the land all around the shaman was frozen and directly above him stood a huge intricate halo that seemed to shimmer in the moonlight. With that the Shaman bellowed, "Ice Release: Heaven's Might" the halo, directly above him seemed to pull him up in a beam of light. Now above the entire world the Shaman could see each of the fire and explosions the Bijuu caused in each of the villages. And as he floated their he again used a jutsu. "Ice Release: Hells Chain's". Targeting each of the Bijuu as he said this, chains made of ice came from the ground and chained each Bijuus limbs and tail(s). Finally with the final set up done the Shaman spoke in a voice that echoed over all the lands below that held the Bijuu
"Ice Release: Purgatory the Final Rest"
With that huge crystals of ice trapped the greats beasts and soon floated into the air to connect onto to large halo above the world. The halo began to spin inwards on itself making the beasts and the Shaman disappear. But the damage to the villages was already done. With already many casualties the people began the long road to recovery and towards preventing another accident like this from happening.

After a year of reconstruction a new mystery in the world appeared. Ice clones of the Bijuu Shaman himself began to appear in each of the villages. The Shaman asked each village to give up its beasts pendant explaining that the pendant left a mark on each other original Neo-Bijuu that caused them to be imbued with the tailed beasts spirit. After a number of days each of the villages took its pendant from the 2nd generation of Neo-Jinchurki and gave them to each ice clone. The ice clones, that now held the pendants came together and fused, becoming the Shaman himself with a right arm of ice that held the pendants in it. The newly formed Shaman went around using a ritual on the 2nd generation of Neo-Jinchuriki to ensure that they did not become beasts like their predecessors had. With that the Shaman disappeared from the people forever. After 20 years the people and villages had been completely revived and held a new respect for the Shaman who had saved them years before. The Bijuus terrible rein was over and the villages were glad to be rid of the beasts forever.

~And Now the Story Continues~
Nows its up to new shinobi and new people to decide the fates of these great villages once and for all. Do you have the courage, the strength, and the time to rise through the shinobi ranks and create your own future...

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