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.:Kiri Ports and Docks:.

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.:Kiri Ports and Docks:.

Post by ΩRazor on Fri Jan 15, 2010 9:55 pm


Kiri Ports and Docks

You just arrived. Stepping of the boat that has carried you many miles across the vast sea, many people rush off the boat to their next destination. The smell of the wet wood fills your nostrils. Sailors and fishers work without notice of the new arrivers but Anbu stand ready taking careful note of all that goes on around them. You turn back to take on last look at the waters you’ve just crossed. Time to proceed. You gather yourself and walk from the port and onto the boardwalk that stretches to the entrance of a land like no other. Beyond the grandiose arch that marks the entrance of the village, large cylindrical buildings emerge. The greatest cylinder lies in the center, stretching towards the heavens as if daring to try and surpass the reach of the mountains behind the village that make a wondrous backdrop. People with indistinct faces pass you on their way. And all this amongst the shroud of fog that hangs about invoking careful vigilance and a dream like quality.
Enter or Exit this shrouded village...
Places of Interest

  • Kiri Memorial
  • Kiri Market Place
  • Training Fields
  • Kiri Fresh Water Spot
  • Kirigakure Outlook
  • Kiri Academy
  • Island Stadium

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