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Post by ΩRazor on Thu Jul 29, 2010 12:36 am

Exp. Points
Well points are the basis of getting to that next rank if your following the structured shinobi system. Points are gained from various things such as missions, events (that are plot related), defeating other members in character, lotteries, and contests,. So here's what points do, by gaining enough of them you can move onto the next rank of ninja. The amount of points required for obtaining the next rank is listed below:
  • To apply for Genin ~ must have 10 points
  • To apply for Chunin ~ must have 50 points
  • To apply for Jonin ~ must have 100 points
  • To apply for Higher up rank ~ must have 500 points
The points are cumulative so if you rank up it does not reset them.


Missions: All missions that you complete will give you points. The smaller missions that are lower ranks will only earn you about 1 or 2 points. While higher missions will earn you more points, such as 10 or a little bit more. Here is a list of the amount of points usually gained by missions:
  • E-Rank ~ 1-3 points
  • D-Rank ~ 2-5 points
  • C-Rank ~ 3-6 points
  • B-Rank ~ 5-9 points
  • A-Rank ~ 6-10 points
  • S-Rank ~ 7-15 points
Events: Events can also earn those who were the most active in them points. A natural disaster event controlled by an admin, a rogue ninja attack controlled by an admin, or a Bijuu event can also provide points in these events. The events are meant to reward those who try the hardest and participate the most.

Defeating Other Members In Character: The points gained this way is one of the harder ways of getting them. In character defeats means that in a topic of real conflict (Not just two characters training) or in a DE enabled topic where one is killed points will be obtained. The amount of points gained depends on the rank of the person defeated. The amount is as follows:
  • If the person defeated is 5 ranks above you - 20 points
  • If the person defeated is 4 ranks above you - 10 points
  • If the person defeated is 3 ranks above you - 7 points
  • If the person defeated is 2 ranks above you - 5 points
  • If the person defeated is 1 ranks above you - 2 points
  • If the person defeated is at your rank - 1 point
NOTE: It is the job of the member to pm a staff member to make them aware that points for defeating another member are in due. When pm'ing the staff member include a link or url to the topic in which you defeated the other member

Lottery: Sometimes the lottery will give out points for certain members who apply for them and join. This means that sometimes you might just get an event for doing, yep thats right, absolutely nothing. These points can just help add to your total and are the best kind to get.

Contests: Points gained from these are basically the same and as costless as those received from the lottery. There's one small catch, points gained through a contest must be won. So lets say there was a contest to find as many spelling errors as you could, or to check the jutsu lists and correct them. Well if you won the contest you'd get the points.


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