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Post by ΩRazor on Wed Apr 07, 2010 5:54 pm

.:About Fights:. 237398
About Fights and Their Rules

  • Control.
    You cannot control your opponent in fights against other members, this means you cannot describe the emotions or reactions of another character. This means you cannot say things like, "My opponent looked at my super awesome jutsu in awe and cried" or "My opponent was surprised I pulled out such as strong sword"

  • Auto-hitting.
    This is NEVER allowed. EVER. An example of auto-hitting would be, "I used my chidori and felt the warm blood of my foe wash over my hand"

  • Dodging.
    You cannot dodge every attack if this is seen without some valid reason (ie: relating to a special approved kekkei genkai). Also read your opponents post carefully. If you do not describe dodging an attack then you are automatically hit by it.

  • Turns.
    You must pay attention in all fights and be aware of the strict turn order. It goes goes: You, opponent, you, opponent, you... etc.
    If there are more than two people fighting then it goes: You, person 1, person 2, you, person 1, person 2, you ... etc.
    You must follow this turn order or else your post will be made void.

  • Time.
    To make sure battles are quick and move smoothly, if someone does not respond in a battle for their turn within 48 HOURS, then it automatically moves on to the next person's turn. This is to make sure battles run smoothly and somewhat quickly. Any attacks hit the person who hasn't responded in 48 hours

  • Kills and Death.
    You can only kill other characters if they are in D.E. topics. [DE] means Death Enabled. This will avoid random killing of people for no senseless reason. Even in [DE] topics, your character must have a valid reason for killing the other person.

Help Battling and Using Techniques
Using techniques is essential and will eventually become second nature to those who take this seriously and want to have fun. Now when using techniques you do not always have to say the name but you must always have some indication in your post that you are using it. This is easy when you are using ninjutsu but it becomes more difficult to use genjutsu and using clones effectively. Also remember some clone techniqes can only produce so many clones based on the user's amount of chakra. This type of restriction based on chakra is also true or substitution jutsu.

Using Substitution Jutsu
Substitution jutsu is one of the easiest jutsu to be spammed if there were no rules about it. People could say they were able to move completely out of the way of every attack and this would be completely on unfair and un-realistic. Substitution jutsu is one of those jutsu that has a restriction on the amount of times you can use it based on the user's amount of stamina. Heres the formula:
Stamina Points divided by 3 = amount of substitutions per opponent in battle.
This means that if you have 9 stamina you can substitute 3 times in a fight per each opponent. I know that isn't a lot, but considering how easily you can do that it is fair. WAIT. But what happens if I don't have a number divisible by 3. The answer is simple. If the remainder is 2 it rounds up, if it is 1 it rounds down.
  • This means if you have 10 stamina points you can substitute 3 times. The remainder of 10 divided by 3 is 1, therefore you round down and can only substitute 3 times.
  • If you have 11 stamina points you can substitue 4 times. The remainder of 11 divided by 3 is 2, therefore you round up and can substitute 4 times.

Using clones
Nakato quickly ran swiftly into the ally with his enemy quickly trailing behind. Nakato smoothly slid around behind the crate and then after displacing some chakra, ran out continuing down the ally until he was clear.
In this simple example the player has just replaced himself with a clone. This was a simple example but one that shows the correct way to use clones specifically for evasion. The bold text gives the reader and any staff member reading the post a clue that the member has replaced himself with a clone. In using clones in this manner (and genjutsu as you will learn later on) you are actually trying to decieve your enemy, the other member, into actually thinking that the clone is you. This will provide a perfect set up for your next move. Although this method does provide some good setups, it is alright to explicitly state that you made a clone, especially if you are going on the offensive.
Nakato quickly ran swiftly into the ally with his enemy quickly trailing behind. Nakato smoothly slid around behind the crate and put his hands together and made a clone that slid out continuing down the ally until he was clear. Nakato's foe followed the clone unaware he was safe and sound.
The bold part shows where the problem lies in this example. The member stated that he used a clone and this also shows some god modding. In this example the player is taking direct control over the enemy by saying they run after the clone.
When using clones be very careful. Clones divide the users ability in some way. For example using a shadow clone when fighting an enemy might be a bad idea. Using them for distractions is fine, but for confrontation they may be hazardous because they divide the users ability in half. Therefore if the user originally had 10 chakra, by making 3 shadow clones, each and the user will only have 2.5 chakra, Which is severely below average. Other clones such as water clones which are only 1/10th may be better. The maximum amount of clones a user can make is dependent on the clone jutsu. In each one's description it will contain how many clones the user can make, dependent on their chakra.
Clay Clone B-Rank Chakra/4
Crow Clone C-Rank Chakra/2
Destruction Bug Clone C-Rank Chakra/2
Earth Release: Shadow Clone A-Rank Chakra/6
Ink Clone C-Rank Chakra/2
Lightning Release: Shadow Clone A-Rank Chakra/6
Multiple Shadow Clone S-Rank Chakra Points
Paper Clone B-Rank Chakra/4
Rock Clone B-Rank Chakra/4
Sand Clone C-Rank Chakra/2
Shadow Clone B-Rank Chakra/4
Water Clone C-Rank Chakra/2
Wood Clone A-Rank Chakra/6

Using genjutsu is very similar, the true objective is to trick the foe into actually thinking nothing is wrong just as a genjutsu in the show would. If they are caught after the first post they are stuck in the jutsu until its effects where off. If they do notice then they should post saying they used the release, "Kai". This will end the genjutsu and allow the battle to resume normally. Here is an example of a player using genjutsu adequately.
Nakato slowly dragged his feet across the ground, walking towards Robbin Banks. Robbin Banks was on the ground in front of him struggling to get up. Nakato walked forward and pointed at her, "You. You're not going to get out of here alive.", he said as he displaced two different amounts of chakra and summoned one clone. A crow flew in the background and. It almost seemed as the leaves turned to crows also, more were coming every second.
This is a very weak post that shows the player using genjutsu. Either the opponent would pick up on the subtle clues and then post that they used the "Kai" release. Or they would post saying they run and attack the crows or do some other action. If they did the later of the two options they would be stuck in the genjutsu and you could then proceed however you liked with the jutsu. Some people think the byakugan and the sharingan can see through genjutsu, but this is just not true at all. But they do help.
1 tomoe sharingan/stage 1 byakugan can break E-Rank genjutsu instantly.
2 tomoe sharingan/stage 2 byakugan can break D-Rank genjutsu instantly.
3 tomoe sharingan/stage 3 byakugan can break C-Rank genjutsu instantly.
Mangekyou sharingan/EM Sharingan/ Master byakugan can break B-Rank genjutsu instantly.
Sometimes genjutsu cannot be dispelled, this only happens if the genjutsu is 2 ranks above the highest rank jutsu learnable to your group. ie: chunin (who can learn c-rank jutsu) cannot dispel A-Rank genjutsu.
Intelligence is also a factor in genjutsu and breaking it. People with higher inteligience can see through genjutsu more easily. Therefore peoples whose stats reflect a higher intelligence will be able to break some genjutsu.
Intelligence equal or higher than 25 can break D-Rank and lower genjutsu instantly.
Intelligence equal or higher than 28 can break C-Rank and lower genjutsu instantly.
Intelligence equal or higher than 32 can break B-Rank and lower genjutsu instantly.
Intelligence equal to 35 can break A-Rank and lower genjutsu instantly.


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